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Project Mayday - Presented by Don Abbott

Full Description

Don Abbott retired from the fire service after spending 20 years working in the Indianapolis area.  He then traveled the country for 10 years presenting an interactive fire-service training diorama called Abbottville.  After which, he spent eight years helping develop the Phoenix Fire Department’s Command Training Center.  Currently, he is the president of CERT (Command Emergency Response Training) and is actively working on Project Mayday.  Project Mayday is the most complete informational analysis on maydays ever conducted. 
This seminar will present:

  • A comprehensive study of mayday responses, incidents, and prevention
  • Information on the cause and response to mayday activities
  • An overview of maydays submitted into three components using surveys/responses 
  • A review of audio radio traffic reports and dash video tapes 
  • Recommendations on communications, command operations, response, rescue, training and follow-up
The class will be hosted at North Metro Fire's Training Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 16. The cost is $75 per student. If you prefer to pay via check, please contact Debbie VanWanseele to register. 

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